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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio
Honors and Achievements

Awards and letter of appreciation

The DuPont Challenge
Certificate of Merit for teacher participation
Science essay awards program

Encouraged my science students to expand their lab reports into essay format according to the rules of the DuPont Challenge.  At least one of my students received honorable mention which is why DuPont presented me with a certificate of merit for teacher participation.

Leadership Award
Leadership award from schools superintendent
Media Fair statewide winners: Original computer software category

Superintendent of the Gary Schools Corporation, Dr. Mary Guinn, presented me with a leadership award because my team of students won Best of Category in the statewide media fair competition.  Our category was Original Computer Software.

Calumet Regional Science Fair & Associated Art Exhibit
Teacher Awards
Jorsm Internet 1 Year Internet Service Kenneth Parr
Barnes & Noble Audio Tape Mrs. McGuckin
Mr, Quick Print $25 Gift Certificate Mrs. Garrage
Mrs. Zimmen
Mrs. Cuddington
Mrs. Murphy
Borders $10 Gift Certificate Mrs. Hassan
Mrs. Gonzales
Mrs. Sadie Daniels
School Stuff $25 Gift Certificate Mr. Koiser
Mrs. Obrenski
Aladdin Oil Change Mug & Gift Certificate Mr. Carlos Reed
Mr. Heilkeman
$6 Gift Certificate Mrs. Hoffmaster
Mrs. Gonzales
Mrs. Williams
Mr. Boyd Gilbert
Eva Cruz
Mrs. Armour
Mrs. Finley
Mr. Amerheim
Mrs. Fane
Midwest Auto Supply Free Oil Change Mrs. Williams
Service Coupon Mrs. Finley
Mr. Malik
Mr. Dan Eller
Mr. Darrel Wilder
Mrs. Brett
Mrs. Bobby
Mrs. K. Allen Morgan
Mrs. Starvich
Mr. Berkey
Kenneth Parr
Mr. Kujawa
Mrs. El-Amin
Mrs. Geras
Mrs. Belinda Scott
Mrs. Kasragys
Mrs. Zambo
Mrs. Griffin
Mrs. Murrey
Mrs. Grass
Mrs. Hylek
Mrs. Hall
Mr. Sabik
Mrs. Shelton
Miss Thompson
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Clausen
Mrs. P. Johnson
Mrs. Gil
Mrs. Muizyn
Mrs. C. Hoskins
Last Updated: 3 July, 2000
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Nominated by student participants for the highest teacher/sponsor award (one-year free Internet service) at the 44th annual Calumet Regional Science Fair.

Letter acknowledging my work with student athletes
Letter acknowledging my work with athletes
Letter of appreciation from Wirt High School's athletic director

Coaches are also teachers.  The athletic director of Wirt High School, Dennis Martinson, wrote me a letter of thanks.  I was coach of the Lew Wallace High School girls' tennis team at the time.  Mr. Martinson wanted to thank me for taking the initiative to organize a region-wide girls' tennis tournament each year although I was busy with my own team.

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