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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio

Educational Philosophy

Kenneth A. Parr
My Educational Philosophy

            I believe all students can meet or exceed expectations if properly motivated.  Motivation will certainly come easier to some than others, so the playing field will have to be made even for the difficult to motivate and the underachievers.  Leveling the playing field does not mean lowering the achievement bar, in my opinion.  Making education equal for all students means positioning students for the best possible learning experience.  I believe that a learning experience should be as flexible as possible and not restricted to the four walls of a building.  Flexibility also means using the world reaching power of technology to keep students from falling behind other cultures.

            Learning experiences are often automatic for students from close-knit families through their family outings.  That type of learning often is not possible when the families are dysfunctional, so it is the obligation of the teacher/mentor to generate that type of environment in my opinion.  Expanding my classroom beyond the physical walls of a building allows the more disadvantaged students to experience benefits the more advantaged students may take for granted.  Teaching beyond the physical walls also introduces variables to the equation.  These variables leave the possibility open for unexpected learning.  This is a bonus.   Family outings are supposed to be fun.  There is no reason why my expanded classroom cannot be just as fun.  I think expanding my classroom and keeping step with current technology will also make for a happier student.  A happier student is a smarter student, in my opinion.

            Students will be a lot happier if they know how to use the technology.  It is the obligation of the teacher/mentor to remain current with advances in technology so these advances can be passed on to the students.  Expanding my classroom beyond walls includes expanding beyond physical textbooks, notebooks and resource material.  I believe all physical materials like this should be available on electronic media, 24 hours a day and accessible from any location.  Lab assignments should be computerized whenever possible, in my opinion.  For example, airplanes are not designed with wooden models anymore.  Modern aircraft are designed and tested on computer then they go straight into production.  We too should experiment using the power of the computer.  It is a matter of staying current with technology.  A combination of technology usage and teaching beyond physical boundaries will help motivate all students, thus leveling the playing field for all students.


Part of my educational philosophy in a letter (below) to parents requesting permission to display child's image on electronic media.

Dear Parent,

            Welcome to the {science} class taught by Mr. K Parr.  Part of my educational philosophy is all students regardless of their cultural background should have access to technology, particularly electronic media.  Technology is here to stay.  Our textbooks, student portfolios and whenever possible, our lab assignments are on computer.  We will be using technology constantly in our science class to keep pace (or exceed) the rest of society.

            Keeping pace with society also means your child’s image may appear on computer from time to time (for educational purposes only).  The kids seem to love seeing themselves this way.  Please allow your child’s image to appear on electronic media.  Thank you.


_________________________ has my permission to appear on electronic media.

                         Signed:   ________________________________

                        Date:       ________________________________

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