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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio

INTASC Principle (9)

     The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of his/her choices and actions on others (students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community) and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.

Classroom observations by school administrators provide execellent and realistic feedback.  I included two consecutive years of my performance evaluations here at Teacher Evaluation and Self-Improvement. My evaluation scores were execellent and some very kind words were said about my abilities, but there was a question about classroom management in the first evaluation.  I pride myself on my classroom management skills.  So I set a personal goal for myself to improve further in that department.  I met that goal the next year, as evidenced by my evaluation below.  However, new concerns came to the surface.  That is the purpose of these evaluations, in my opinion.  The purpose is to bring concerns to the surface and then as a teacher, act on those concerns.  Self-improvement is an ongoing process.


The administrator further comments in the third page of my evaluation above in Teacher Evaluation and Self-Improvement that I should transition more from technology toward pencil and paper.  That is where I disagreed with this particular school administrator and that is where I will hopefully always disagree throughout my future teaching career.  It should be the other way around.  I feel it is time to transition to technology and from pencil and paper.  Our students must keep pace with the changing times.  It is not fair to penalize our students because some teachers and some administrators are not comfortable with the rapid pace of technology.

I feel my honors and awards here at Honors and Achievements provide evidence of my leadership roles within a school setting.  My letter from the athletic department chair at Wirt High School (a school where I have not taught), also at Honors and Achievements, proves that I am able to collaborate with colleagues near and far.  The letter was in appreciation because I brought high school tennis teams from throughout the region to highlight their skills in an annual indoor tennis tournament.
I was an active member of the Gary Teachers Union, Local No. 4.  I also participated in the Gary teachers' strike of 2006 as seen in the video below.  We struck for a contract, but we also walked the picket line for a safer learning environment for staff and students.

My teachers union card
My teachers union card

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