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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio

INTASC Principle (6)

      The teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.

The power of the computer is not going to decrease.  It is going to steadily increase if trends remain the same.  It is essential for students to be proficient with computer technology.  More and more research scientists conduct experiments with computer simulations only.  Jet planes are no longer designed with clay or wooden mock-ups.  It is all done with computer modeling, final concept to first flight. 

As a teacher, I feel I should also exploit the power of the computer in my classroom and use computer simulation software as much as possible to conduct student lab experiments.  There is always room for live experimentation, but the effects of dams on downstream communities can be simulated more effectively in a classroom through computer simulation for example.  Constructing (then storing after use) large bulky model dams made from plaster, plywood, and several feet of water hose is not practical.

Computer software which generally comes with new computers (Microsoft Office) and the computer software which generally comes with textbook orders (electronic textbooks) should be maximized for student use.  An example of a lab report written by one of my former students in Microsoft Word can be found on the page Lessons.  An example of a Power-Point presentation by one of my former students follows:

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