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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio

INTASC Principle (8)

         The teacher understands and uses formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual, social and physical development of the learner.

I have demonstrated I understand formal and informal assessment strategies with my lab rubric (below) and the scoring rubric I designed for my Drawing the coordinate planes performance assessment.  This performance assessment can also be used as a pre-test to determine if my students need to spend more time on coordinate plane or if they should skip the section all together.  The lesson plans and scoring rubric can be found here: 

Lab Rubric

Student Points

Student participates in lab.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes visual observations.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes lab notes from observations.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes a legible “four-square” diagram (or other paragraph diagramming) method from lab notes.  Possible points: 0, 15, 20


Student makes a legible lab report.  Possible points: 0, 15, 20




I am an avocate for using electronic student portfolios as an assessment tool to compliment more formal assessments like written tests.  My students are all required to maintain portfolios.  An example of what my students' portfolios would look like is my classroom assignments page (plus links to personal photos, music, etc.).  I think students feel a greater sense of pride in their work when they can individualize their work while receiving credit.  Some students who are more hands-on may be able to express themselves better through the use of porfolios.  The making and storing of electronic student portfolios is another reason why I want my science students to have access to computers always in my classroom.

I use Teacher's Toolbox software to record grades.  Grades differ from scoring.  I use rubrics to determine scores.  I use a set grading table to assign grades.  Below is a grade sheet generated by the Teacher's Toolbox software I use.  These computer generated grade sheets are also posted on a larger scale to my classroom website here  Both parents and students can track student progress.  This is evidence that I use computer software for record-keeping and student/parent feedback.


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