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Kenneth A. Parr's Teaching Portfolio

INTASC Principle (3)

     The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners.

I taught for three years at Chase Alternative School until the school closed in 2009, as verified here at Teaching Experience with Gary Public Schools.  Chase Alternative School was part of the Gary public school system and was established to give students with prior discipline problems at other schools a second chance at becoming successful.  The student population was as diverse as hardcore gang members to students who made a single (but serious) bad choice to students not yet diagnosed as emotionally handicapped.  I had to be prepared for every possibility.  My paper on diverse school environments is below.  I chose this paper because my previous experience with cultural diversity has been limited to the Gary Public School System: 

I have also made myself more aware of diverse school environments as evidenced by my reflections paper above.  I did field experiences at four schools: a suburban school, an urban school, a charter school, and a faith-based school.

Since technology is a major factor in my educational philosophy, one example of being prepared is maintaining a wide range of educational software.  If my high school software is too advanced for my high school level students, then I find appropriate software while remaining in the framework of teaching according to high school standards.  Likewise, if my software is not challenging enough for my students then I know to upgrade.  I feel so strongly about ready access to technology, I bought a classroom set of computers with my own cash to ensure I will reach my goals.


Below is my standard lab rubric.  I designed my rubric to take a wide array of learning abilities into consideration.  For example, a student making their best effort but is unable to write a legible lab report or legible four-square paragraph diagram can still recieve a high passing score.  The last two areas of my rubric concern legibility allow for three scoring possibilities, instead of my standard two possible scores.

Lab Rubric

Student Points

Student participates in lab.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes visual observations.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes lab notes from observations.  Possible points: 0, 20


Student makes a legible “four-square” diagram (or other paragraph diagramming) method from lab notes.  Possible points: 0, 15, 20


Student makes a legible lab report.  Possible points: 0, 15, 20




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